Romantic fragrances contain lush flowers; powdery notes and comforting, sweet aromas like vanilla and amber and/or warm balsam elements, which set the stage for falling in love. For your next date night or anytime you want to feel lovely, here are three romantic scents to try:

1. Romance by Ralph Lauren

Romance by Ralph Lauren

$38 – $98 at

With a name like Romance, you know this perfume for women by Ralph Lauren will radiate the mystery and intrigue that lends itself to Cupid’s arrow. This sultry and feminine fragrance has a subtle blend of fresh rose, violet, ginger, oak moss, marigold and musk. Its flowery nature makes it subtly sensuous-perfect for a dinner party, a night at the opera or any other sophisticated evening engagement. Romance will make heads turn no matter where you go.

2. Narciso Rodriguez For Her

Narciso Rodriguez

$67.99 – $95.99 at

Narciso Rodriguez combines notes of lavender, pink pepper, patchouli, amber, violet and woody accord into a spicy yet feminine blend designed to help unleash your romantic side. Spritz this perfume all over your body and let your imagination carry you to a place free of worries and responsibilities. You will not be disappointed by the alluring scent of this unique fragrance.

3. Princess Night by Vera Wang

Princess Night by Vera Wang$38.99 at

An exotic romantic fragrance aimed for beautiful wannabe-princesses everywhere, Princess Night is a regal blend of fruits and exotic flowers, with woody base notes playing a sensual twilight role. While it’s not an overwhelmingly sweet perfume, subtle notes of crushed sugar and vanilla give Princess Night a more playful and flirty edge. Become the princess that you always knew you could be whenever you wear this scent-just remember to be home by midnight.

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