The most appealing sophisticated scents have layers of sensuality. Blended with seductive notes like wood and musk, the three grown-up perfumes below are perfect for ladies in charge — who exude an air of femininity and enviable confidence.

1. Nuit Pour Femme by Hugo Boss

Boss Nuit Pour Femme


$29.99 – $44.99 at

Confident and sophisticated, Boss Nuit Pour Femme perfume will make you feel like Cinderella for the night. Inspired by the little black dress, this feminine nighttime scent is just the thing for special occasions and romantic dinners. Created by Hugo Boss, it combines the floral top notes of white flowers, jasmine, and violet with the musky base notes of crystalline moss and creamy sandalwood. An impressive fragrance that is sure to get you the attention you deserve.

2. Armani Si

Armani Si

$81.99 at

Armani Si is the very essence of class and beauty, a fragrant scent for women who enjoy showing off their feminine side. This fragrance was introduced by the classic designer Giorgio Armani to complement the refined and sophisticated Armani clothing line. Notes of cassis, freesia and May rose are blended with warm vanilla and musky patchouli to create a fragrance that is sure to leave everyone wanting more from the minute you pass.

3. Lanvin Me Lanvin Me

Lanvin Me is an exemplary fragrance for the confidant young woman.  An expert combination of delicate florals with zesty blueberry and liquorice creates a unique, enticing fragrance that’s both feminine and sophisticated. Creatively, this elegant fragrance possesses a moderate composition complete with tuberose, mandarin orange and sandalwood notes. Fitting for daytime and occasional evening use, this refined, long-lasting scent clings to your skin throughout the day and into the night.

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