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1. Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Mask

Hydrates and energizes parched skin in 20 minutes

Le Mieux Moisture Mask

Why we recommend it: Is your skin parched, dehydrated or tired? Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Mask is all about hydration – leaving your skin substantially more hydrated post-treatment. Whether it’s a change in weather, dry air, stress, lack of sleep, any number of things can contribute to parched, dry skin. Unfortunately, in my experience, a dry complexion emphasizes any imperfections I may have. That’s when I know it’s time to apply Le Mieux, a thin material that fits over your face, complete with slits for your eyes, nose and mouth. Just place it over your face, press it on gently, and let the hydrating serums penetrate your skin. Voila! Deeply hydrated , supple skin in 20 minutes. Oh, and let’s not forget — the mask has yet another perk; an invigorating cooling sensation develops as you wear it, which to me, felt quite energizing and pampering. It woke me up, even before downing my morning coffee.

How long do I need to leave it on? About 20 minutes, no rinse

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2. Dermovia Calming Chamomile LaceTex Facial Mask

Soothing professional-grade mask, designed for sensitive skin

Dermovia Chamomile Mask

Why we recommend it: Known as a professional-grade treatment at home, Dermovia’s Calming Chamomile Lace Tex Facial Mask lives up to its name. Soothing chamomile calms the skin and balances, as well as promotes relaxation. Most importantly, if you have sensitive skin, or skin that’s prone to irritation, the company says that the mask is safe for both sensitive skin types and all skin types. It’s my favorite mask to use when I feel my complexion is in need of a bit of R&R and I just don’t have the chance to go to the spa. This expert treatment is a fantastic alternative that works, dare I say, just as well as any spa treatment. But don’t be discouraged by its gentle ingredients; it is very effective at soothing and balancing the skin. Plus, it’s easy to apply; it’s designed using a soft, lace material with slits for eyes, nose, mouth and ears. And they’ve even made it a point to give the delicate neck area (also known as the décolletage) some attention as well. The lace mask area folds underneath the neck so the entire facial area is infused with the therapeutic serums of the mask.

How long do I need to leave it on? 15 minutes, no rinse

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3. DECLÉOR Life Radiance Flash Mask

The 3-minute mask for an instant beauty boost when you're on-the-go

Decleor 3 Minute Flash Radiance Mask

Why we recommend it: Life is busy. Sure, you can devote free time on the weekends to pamper your skin, but let’s be honest – the fast-paced work week is when we often need a boost the most. If you’re on the run to work or your next meeting, this mask is the perfect instant remedy to rejuvenate dull, fatigued skin. It gives you a bit more moisture and a lot of more radiance – overall, a more youthful appearance in a shocking three minutes. In addition to your normal skincare routine, the Life Radiance Flash Mask takes your skin from average-looking to that “I just had an amazing day at the spa” look.

How long do I need to leave it on? 3 minutes, rinse

How it works: This 3-minute express mask improves skin radiance and glow, thanks to Essential Oil of Saro, which  purifies and cleanss while boosting skin’s defenses. Meanwhile, a Fruit Acids Complex containing Passion Fruit, Grape and Pineapple eliminates the dull veil on the skin’s surface.

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4. ONSEN Tenseless Heat Mask

Onsen Tenseless Heat Mask

Why we recommend it: This is my go-to mask when I need to look “alive” and well-rested fast. Yes, it’s definitely on the pricey side, but it works. If you haven’t slept enough, or you’re just feeling “out of it,” this mask produces noticeably smoother skin within 10 minutes. Lack of sleep and stress can cause you to look and feel exhausted (come on, we’ve all been there). Your skin may appear droopy, dehydrated and, well, stressed out. The Tenseless Heat Mask by Onsen was designed to take the tension out of your face. I’m always amazed when I rinse this mask off, only to reveal a fresh, well-rested looking complexion that simply didn’t exist 10 minutes before. It’s kind of a life-saver when you need a pick-me-up pronto.

How long do I need to leave it on? 10 minutes, rinse with warm water.

How it works: Onsen uses non-invasive technology to relax the complexion. After applying a thin layer to your face, focusing on your problem areas, the mask produces a warming effect – an added perk which gives the product its reputation for being a “sauna-in-a-jar.” It safely warms away the tension behind clenched-muscled expression wrinkles, furrows and folds. Last, but not least, it’s not tested on animals.

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