Brigitte Bardot’s sexy fringe is one of the many reasons why the French star is so iconic.

Decades later, bangs are still as fashionable as ever. With today’s hottest celebs like Emma Stone, Lily Aldridge, Dakota Johnson and Jessica Hart sporting them, it’s safe to say that this classic hairdo isn’t going anywhere.

Clip In Bangs

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But at the end of the day, the thought of chopping off your face-framing locks may give you ice-cold feet.

Let’s get real: as much as we love them, bangs are a pretty big commitment. They may look amazing. They may not. You’ll either make them work, or wait for them to grow out (and get creative with your styling techniques in the meantime).

You may have heard of clip-in bangs. Not all of them are high-quality; some have the tendency to feel uncomfortable and itch (ew), or worse, fall out (beauty emergency to the max). Side note: In the past, I have experimented with long, luscious hair extensions. In an attempt to look red-carpet ready for a big date, I spent hours applying them. I must say, they looked stunning (“looked” is in the past tense for a reason). It was a couple of hours later when, all of a sudden, date dude started to run his fingers through my tresses. I froze. In my perplexed state, I began to mull over possible diversions in order to distract him and prevent this potentially catastrophic event from unfolding. To my complete and utter horror, one (or maybe even two!) of my weaves went sliding down my back. In shock, I looked down, only to discover that another extension lay limp in the palm of his hands. This has happened to me and a handful of friends. Never again!

Good news, though! LUXHAIR NOW by Sherri Shepherd, a line of high-fashion wigs and add-on pieces, just released clip-in bangs with 14 shades available that look super fabulous.

By the way, I tried and tested LUXHAIR’s hair extensions, which totally wowed me. Besides their natural appearance, they gave my hair volume, thickness and that extra “oomph.” Very easy to style, as well.

LUXHAIR NOW by Sherri Shepherd’s clip-in bangs give you the chance to wear the bang look with zero-commitment. Take them out whenever you desire, use them to experiment with new looks or even to gauge your interest in a potential haircut.

Another huge perk is that they’re budget-friendly. LUXHAIR™ NOW™ Clip-In Bangs by Sherri Shepherd™ retail for $26 and are available at