Featured on the 2014 list of “4 Game-Changing Skin Care Products,” MitoQ Anti-aging Serum is considered to be the most potent antioxidant formula on the market, known to fade wrinkles, fine lines, spots and scars.

The company just announced the launch of a rare promotion: Get one full-sized bottle of MitoQ Anti-aging Serum, which retails for $119, for free. The only cost is a shipping charge of $9.95.

According to an e-mail sent to us by MitoQ company reps this morning:

“Some time ago you reviewed our wonderful MitoQ serum. Since then we have won awards and gained a huge following from customers around the world getting benefit from MitoQ. We are in the process of giving away some MitoQ serum to raise more awareness and we thought you might like to share that with your readers. All your readers need to do is visit http://www.mitoq.com/free-serum.html and enter the code SERUM4F and they will get our Serum, worth $119, for absolutely free. There is a $10 shipping cost but we think this is a small price to pay. There are no catches and its obligation free!! How often does that happen!!”

We tested this promotion: The promo code worked and we received a receipt via e-mail for a charge of shipping only ($9.95). Now all we have to do is wait patiently for this awesome product to arrive in the mail! To get a free serum of your own, see the instructions below.

The Deal

What: One Free bottle of MitoQ® Anti-aging Serum (lasts between 8 and 10 weeks)

Fine Print: Pay a shipping cost of $9.95.


  1. Go to http://www.mitoq.com/free-serum.html
  2. Enter the code SERUM4F
  3. Select shipping option Economy (10-14 days, no tracking) for $9.95