New Yorkers often head to the Hamptons during the summer. Desiring a different experience, I decided to go somewhere new yet equally as relaxing, rejuvenating and beautiful in the summer: New England.

Glam Revue Magazine

By Michelle Smoller

My first stop was the ever small, ever intimate great State of Rhode Island — a respite that offers much to be appreciated.

During my week-long getaway, I felt at peace and completely refreshed.  I’d gotten a summer tan and discovered local dining gems like Red Stripe and Gardner’s Wharf. I followed a “non-diet” of heavenly seafood, filling up on “quahogs”  (the Rhode Islander word for clam) and “clam stuffies.”  But after taking a sailing class in East Greenwich and hitting up Narragansett’s luscious beaches, I’d left my hair sun damaged and in a beaten mess.

Luckily, I found a salon that I can wholeheartedly recommend both for its professionalism and for its heart to help any New Englander who wants to rise above the fashion stereotype of wearing khaki shorts and boat shoes and get the “babe” back in “beach babe” in the Ocean State: Hair Tech Rhode Island.


My Treatment:

  • Highlights/lowlights.
  • Olaplex bond building treatment designed to strengthen the hair, added to lighteners and colors to prevent damage when using highlift lighteners.
  • 22-inch-long She by SOCAP hair extensions in three different color packets to give my hair a subtle mixture of highlights and lowlights. My stylist chose wavy extensions to match my hair’s natural texture.
  • Trim ends.


I came to see this particular salon after hearing about Hair Tech owner Robin Dercole’s expertise in hair extensions and affiliation with She by SOCAP Hair Extensions, the only brand she uses. A true hair guru and professional stylist of 34 years, Dercole has made the salon a go-to source for luxury hair extensions. And the quality is amazing.

If you’re hooked on hair extensions or thought of getting them, Hair Tech has a selection that takes up an entire room, including a massive wall of She by SOCAP extensions in tons of textures that span the colors of the rainbow.

As a first-time out-of-town guest, I felt at ease in her chair immediately.  This is the perfect spot for any lady looking to have a day of beauty, with her salon offering an array of services.

“What separates us is our loyalty—to our girls here at the salon and to the customer,” Robin told me as she touched my blonde tresses.

Hair Tech Rhode Island

My beautifying experience at Hair Tech Rhode Island

She gave me a special complex that her salon has been using for years — an Olaplex bond building treatment designed to strengthen the hair, which she adds to her lighteners and colors to prevent damage when using highlift lighteners.  Advertised as “hair insurance,” Olaplex can actually multiply hair bonds (a special addition I had never had applied to my color before). Next, a “base breaker” was applied to bring out my hair’s highlights in an easier transformation.  This is a lady who knows her hair!

When it came to choosing the right extensions for my hair, Robin blended three different color packets to give my hair a subtle mixture of highlights and lowlights in mid-chest, 22-inch long gorgeous colors.  After feeling the texture of my hair, she opted for a wavy consistency.

Sitting in the Rhode Island chair, I could tell what made this really a small-town experience with a big transformational experience: I felt like I was undergoing a therapy session with Robin. She put me at ease and, soon, I felt like a mermaid emerging from the Rhode Island seas with long, luscious flowing locks that abundantly fell over my shoulders to my delight.

The extensions felt light and airy. As Robin cut my loose ends with confidence and panache, I squealed with glee. She made me feel like heads would turn in any environment.

As I left the salon, I had a bounce in my step. Next stop was an event in Goddard Park and then off to a fave of Rhode Islanders: Second Beach in Newport, where I sat on the beach and appreciated the sunset.  The wind blew in my hair and I felt at peace and felt serene from within — and desirable and confident thanks to a new look.

My Rhode Island getaway was just a few hours away from the busy hustle and bustle of New York City, but after a couple days (thanks to the scents, sights, relaxation and sounds), I had found everything I needed to feel revitalized and refreshed.