The Product: Unity All-In-One Colour Gel Polish by Bio Seaweed Gel, $18 at

Overview: It’s the only professional gel nail polish without all the harmful chemicals that can damage nails. The formula does not contain the “Big 5” chemicals. There is absolutely no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA, or solvents.

We Tried…Candy Apple (#129), a stunning bright cherry-red. Check out our tester’s photos in the gallery above. To view all available colors, click here.

Although the polish is an all-in-one formula that does not require a top coat, we used Bio Seaweed Gel’s  No-Wipe Top Gel Polish, $20.  The No-Wipe Top Gel Polish gave nails extra gloss and it also helps the polish cure faster in the sun.

Our Experience

As we began to apply the polish, we noticed how thick the formula is (typical of most gel polishes). We suggest applying your first coat carefully and lightly – do not go too heavy on your first round, or the polish will drip off your nails which can get messy. Actually, that happened to us; for quick clean-ups, keep Q-Tips and nail polish remover within reach.

We needed two light, even coats of polish, plus a top polish, to achieve a gorgeous, vibrantly pigmented candy-red manicure. The great news: You won’t need a UV lamp. Thanks to BSG SolarCure technology, the polish cures in the sun, leaving you with a perfectly dry and flawless manicure in minutes without an expensive LED/UV lamp. After holding our nails in direct sunlight for under five minutes, we had dry, photo-ready, professional nails. Just like the gel manis we’re accustomed to, there’s lots of shine and that irresistibly flawless, smooth texture.


Long-lasting: We tested this product twice over the course of about five weeks. On our hands, the polish lasted for about eight days the first time. The second time, it lasted for about 12 days without noticeable chipping or cracking.

Great For At-Home Pedicures: We tried it on our feet; it preserved its shine and lasted for three weeks with practically no chipping!

Less Damage: We experienced zero staining, and less weakening/damage of the nails vs. a regular gel manicure, which usually destroys our nails.

Multipurpose Formula: Unity All-in-One Colour Gel Polish is a base coat, color, top coat and nail strengthener all at the same time. However, we recommend using the No-Wipe Top Gel Polish ($20 at Bio Seaweed Gel) on top of the polish. It gives your nails that “professionally-done,” super-shiny look, provides more nail protection, and helps the polish cure optimally in the sun.

Color Selection: There are 114 colors available.

Our tester is wearing UNITY All-In-One Gel Colour Polish in Candy Apple (#129), $18, and No-Wipe Top Gel Polish, $20, by Bio Seaweed Gel, available at