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Wing Hair Extensions

$150-$200 at

Wing extensions are a new type of hair extensions that supposedly minimize damage made from 100 percent Remi hair, which is considered to be the best quality, most natural feeling human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped.

What impressed me most was one of their newest types of hair extensions called wing extensions. These extensions are called ‘wings’ for two reasons: first, because they are light and airy; but, second, because of their shape, wing extensions utilize each link to attach two strands at once (therefore resembling wings, with the two strands of hair being connected to each link, but hanging freely). This result is gorgeous, and it takes half the time.

The Perks

  • Customer Service:  Aemilie’s staff seemed to do their best to provide personalized, one-on-one attention to address individual needs. They were readily available to answer my questions, provide professional tips and tricks, and advise me.
  • The employees are respectful: The salespeople did not “oversell” and were very much just casual guides, there to help.
  • Extensions look amazing: After my own personal stylist applied the extensions (which took took about two hours), my new locks were inches longer, beautiful and natural-looking. Extensions also add tons of volume and fullness.
  • Product variety: They have everything from small hair pieces to clip-in extensions that are ready made.  They have micro-links, wefts, tape-ins, micro-link wefts, all the extension tools you could possibly need, extension remover (which can be difficult to find) and more.  They don’t have shampoo or wigs, but those can be found online. For hair extension supplies, check out the selection at
  • Color Selection: Aemilie has pre-mixed colors that are not based on your hair’s exact coloring or custom-blended, but they have blended colors that come pre-packed. To get an idea of the color options, check out this color wheel which includes 29 hair color swatches.
  • Price: Compared to most high-quality hair extensions, the price was very reasonable. Considering that wing extensions are a new high-end type of extension that’s essentially lower maintenance than clip-in extensions, $150 to $200 seemed like a good deal. For example, Luxy Hair makes absolutely stunning clip-in hair extensions, but they range from $129 – $209 and are for short-term daily use, unlike wing extensions, which stay on your head longer term.
  • Healthy process: The extensions use no glue, no heat, or a chemical process.
  • Less damage: Aemilie hair extensions were made to reduce damage. All methods use silicon-lined micro rings which are reusable and easily removable.

Keep In Mind

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance: If you make it to the Aemilie store instead of shopping online, you’ll notice that it’s small. The salesperson follow-up process can be a problem.  The employees are very kind and welcoming, but can be shy, which you should not take personally!  Ask questions because they are happy to see you. They are there to help and seem very knowledgeable and passionate about their products.
  • Aemilie does not apply the wing extensions: You can buy the extensions online or in store, but you must have them applied elsewhere (at a salon or by a hairstylist of your choice).
  • You can style the extensions like real hair, but use caution: Because the extensions are actual real strands of hair, the hair itself lasts and can be styled like real hair. However, if the links get overheated (from a straightener or hair dryer) or brushed too much, they will slide out after about 6 weeks…in clumps.  So be careful!  Luckily, the hair can be re-used — just be aware of the links and the adhesive.

Aemilie Hair Extensions Office & Showroom 818 Sixth Avenue, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10001 Phone: (212) 679-4247 Web:
How To Buy: Some products are available on the Web site, most in-store. Price: $150 – $200 for wing extensions (each pack contains 40 wings or 80 strands of extensions). Contact Aemilie for additional pricing information.